GSM-module Easy Start Text Plus

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Operating the preheater by sending SMS-messages or via the free application.

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ManufacturerEberspacher (Germany)

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Remote control
Eberspacher Easy Start TEXT Plus
GSM-module | FULL installation SET


Eberspacher Easy Start TEXT is designed to organize remote control Espar heaters of any type with a mobile phone. The device makes it possible to enable, disable, choose the operating mode of the heater and the time of its operation - just by sending an SMS or making a corresponding dial. For iPhone and devices running Android, there are special utilities for convenient operation and control of all functions of the heater.

  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2
  • Eberspacher Airtronic D4 | D4S
  • Eberspacher Airtronic D5
  • Eberspacher Hydronic D4WS| D4WSC
  • Eberspacher Hydronic B4WS| B4WSC
  • Eberspacher Hydronic D5WS| D5WSC
  • Eberspacher Hydronic B5WS| B5WSC
  • Eberspacher Hydronic II | II C | II Comfort
  • Eberspacher Hydronic III

In addition to convenient management and attractive prices, the new EasyStart TEXT system has other advantages, among which there are no additional control panels, automatic SMS messages about the status and mode of the heater, a fault code (when the diagnostics is activated), the possibility to program the device for a week, it was impossible before. In addition, the system is programmed to warn about weather conditions. So, if the temperature in the cabin drops below the threshold value, the corresponding indicator will be displayed on your phone's screen.

Opportunities of operation system Eberspacher Easy Start TEXT Plus:

Eberspacher Easy Start TEXT
  • Unlimited range;
  • Functions of all previously released versions of control devices;
  • Possibility of receiving service messages (battery charge, balance of the SIM card);
  • Managing multiple cars: two pools of five cars;
  • Free application for smartphones;
  • Useful additional functions of the application ('Weather', 'News Eberspacher');
  • 3 control options: via sms, tone dialing, application;
  • Diagnostic function of the heater;
  • No need to install additional control devices inside the cabin;
  • Timer function - Possibility to program 3 start times;

Service messages

The interface of the device is supplemented with service messages. The temperature of the coolant is determined by the temperature sensor of the heater, the battery voltage - according to the voltage in the vehicle network at the entrance to the device

Remote control of interior heating

Adding to the device the ability to remotely control this warm-up function allows the user, depending on the weather conditions, to choose-warm up only the engine or engine and interior


EasyStart Text + has the ability to diagnose heating devices, both air and liquid. By SMS, the codes of the active and stored errors in the heater memory are read. A separate command removes them.

Delayed Startup Timers

In EasyStart Text + there are three independent cells of the timer. In each cell it is possible to program the start of the heater at the selected time, on certain days of the week, to program the heater operating time and the operating mode (warming up only the engine or engine and passenger compartment).

Eberspacher Easy Start TEXTEasy Start TEXT system includes an electronic module and a receiving antenna. The module is installed in the cabin (possible hidden installation), and requires the installation SIM-card (not included!). Thus, Easy Start TEXT can "respond" to five telephone numbers programmed in the memory module. Operating with a mobile phone, you can not just turn your heater on and control its work in detail, but also track clearly during interior warm comes to a comfortable temperature!The favorable price of the new EasyStart TEXT system and the free application for smartphones with an intuitive interface significantly increase the attractiveness of the product. The kit includes a built-in unit and an additional control element - a small 'on-off' button.
  • Eberspacher thermostat
  • Eberspacher Easy Start Select
  • Eberspacher Easy Start Timer
  • Eberspacher Easy Start Remote
  • Eberspacher Easy Start Remote +
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South America*14-22 Days
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