Webasto Air Top Evo 55 with mounting kit & rheostat

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This model of the air heater is the top model in the range Air Top. Power of Webasto Air Top Evo 55 can reach 5.5 kW in turbo mode, and the hot air flow up to 220 m3 per hour, and this despite the fact that the dimensions of this model are identical Air Top Evo 40. This model of air heater is suitable for heating the cargo compartment of big trucks and interiors of big buses.

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ManufacturerWebasto (Germany)
Capacity, Watt (max - min)5.500 - 1.500
The consumption of electric.energy, Watt (max - min)95 - 15
Fuel rate, L|h (max - min)0,77-0,18
Fuel typePetrol / Diesel
Voltage12-24 V
Weight, kg5,9
Dimensions, mm423 x 148 x 162
Type of heaterMarine

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Model Air Top Evo 55 is used to heat the interiors of cars running on petrol / diesel engine. These air heaters are optimal for heating small trailers, cargo compartments of vans, medium-size buses, yachts and rescue equipment cars with the need of quickly warm. In the warm periods heaters are used as the fan, blowing air through the cabin or interior. The compact dimensions of the model and its quiet operation make it the most popular among similar systems.
In all climates vehicles with air heater Air Top Evo 55 substantially saves fuel consumption. With this device you do not need to warm up the cabin by operating the engine. Harmful emissions are not released into the environment. No wonder air heaters today in european countries are often required to be installed. However, they significantly reduce engine wear and significantly reduce maintenance costs.
How works the Webasto Air Top Evo 55
Special ceramic technology of air heaters Air Top Evo 55 can reduce the load on the battery. Burner of heater is made of cermet, that gives special durability and resistance to overheat. Waterproof connectors provide not only heating air received from the cockpit, but also from the surrounding atmosphere, even in terms of high humidity.
The quiet fan operation, patented internal circulation and the special geometry of the inlet have allowed this model to become the most silent unit in its category. Due to the smooth automatic adjustment of power, heaters do not have a sharp noise spikes that can prevent vacationers drivers and their passengers.
This offer includes installation kit. It has everything required to install the heater.
All you see on photo bellow is included into the shipped bundle:
installation kit with Webasto Airtop 55
  1. Webasto Air Top 55 heater
  2. Fuel pump DP42
  3. Rubber gasket 9019443А
  4. Documents kit
  5. Installation template
  6. Main wiring harness
  7. Fuel Pump wiring harness | L = 7m
  8. Stainless exhaust pipe | L = 1,1m
  9. Plastic fuelline (black) 5X1.5 | L = 8m
  10. Air intake pipe
  11. Plastic Clamps | 15 pc
  12. Webasto rheostat
  13. Set of brackets 9023947A
  14. Fuel line connections and fuel pump bracket
  15. Fuel pump connections
  16. Exhaust brackets set
  17. Air intake silinser with bracket

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Retired Canadian

In these times of Covid, I have ordered a number of items from around the globe for a project, this Webasto arrived at my residence the same as other items purchased from Toronto, London, or Seattle, thanks for the service , looking forward to installation next spring

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      Customer Experience

      This company is top notch! I found their prices fair and competitive. They thoroughly and promptly answered all of my questions and concerns. Their packaging is quite exceptional, indicating a strong commitment in preventing damage to their products. If you order internationally expect a slight delay in tracking information as the product proceeds from their customs through yours. I will not hesitate to use this company again.


          Great product!! It's been in for two weeks now & I've tested it ! Great seller


              Thank you



                      for areas from 20 to 25 m³