Flame Detector for Webasto Thermo 90/90S -1322410A View larger

Flame Detector for Webasto Thermo 90/90S -1322410A

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webasto Flame Detector,

  • Genuine Webasto product,
  • Suitable for Webasto Heater Thermo 90/90S,
  • 12v or 24v Versions.

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ManufacturerWebasto (Germany)

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Flame sensor.

The flame sensor is a low-resistance PTC resistor that changes its resistance depending on the temperature. The change is tracked by the control unit. This element constantly monitors the presence of a flame during the heater operation.

Flame sensor check

When checking the flame sensor with a digital multimeter, the parameter values ​​should be within the following limits.

Cold condition: Resistance at 25 ° C: 3.0 ± 0.4 Ohm. Test current: <5 mA

Hot state: Resistance at 800 ± 20 ° C: 8 ± 1.0 Ohms (approximately 20 mm of the pin is long to red.) Test current: <5 mA

Replacing the burner, flame sensor, and glow plug.


1. Remove the heater.

2. Remove the air blower.

3. Remove the screws and washers.

4. Unscrew the nuts and pull out the retaining bar.

5. Pull the seals out of the flame tube body.

6. Pull out the seal and burner, as well as the divider from the flame tube.

7. Remove the flame sensor and the heat pin from the burner body.

8. Visually assess the condition of the burner.

9. To carry out work on the dismantled nodes.


1. Install the air divider on the burner body.

2. Carefully insert the flame sensor and the heat pin into the burner body and insert the seals into the flame tube body.

3. Insert the burner and gasket into the body of the flame tube.

CAUTION! Ensure that the wiring of the filament pin and flame sensor is routed as shown in the figure.

4. Install the insulation on the locking bar and install the bar.

Note: Lay the wiring of the flame sensor and filament pin as shown in the figure.

5. Secure the locking bar with nuts. Tighten the nuts to 3 Nm ± 10%.

6. Secure the fuel line with the screw and washer. Tightening torque 3 Nm ± 10%.

7. Install air blower.

8. Connect the electrical connectors.

9. Install the heater.

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