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Eberspasher Hydronic D5WS 24v with mounting kit

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Powerful engine preheater Eberspacher (Germany). Designed for heating before starting the engine with working volume from 2 to 4 liters. Mainly used on SUVs, vans, trucks.

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Data sheet

ManufacturerEberspacher (Germany)
Capacity, Watt (max - min)5.000 - 1.500
The consumption of electric.energy, Watt (max - min)50 - 22
Fuel rate, L|h (max - min)0,69-0,2
Fuel typeDiesel
Voltage24 V
Weight, kg2,7
Dimensions, mm220 х 86 х 160
Type of heaterUsual

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Water Heater Eberspacher Hydronic D5WS 24v with mounting kit

Eberspacher Hydronic water or coolant heater offers full internal heat control, supplemental cabin heating, and domestic hot water facilities, while consuming minimal amounts of electrical power and fuel. The Hydronic line of coolant heaters operate like hot water furnaces, heating coolant or water and circulating it for heating. Once the operational system is hot, the heater will automatically regulate down to a lower heat level. When heavy demands are placed on the heating system, such as a shower or maximum cabin heat, the heater automatically returns to a higher heat level.

Hydronic D5WS
Eberspacher Hydronic 5 Heater features:
  • Pleasant, cosy warmth in the passenger compartment.
  • Constant hot water for washing and showering.
  • More safety by clear windows and a clear view.
  • Factory assembled components for easy "Plug and Play" installation.
  • The engine reaches its operating temperature faster after starting.
  • Integration in the vehicle's own water system.
  • Space saving installation under the floor - thus more storage space.
  • Maintenance-free, easy to service heating started by timer, radio remote control or telephone.
  • Diagnostic system for easy fault finding.
  • Low noise ideal for your motorhome or caravan.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Fuel supplied from the vehicle's own tank.

dPowerfull Water Heater Hydronic 5

max.5000 Watt = 17070 BTU
min. 1500 Watt = 5120 BTU

Hydronic D4WS heater
High quality of the Heater is guaranteed by the impeccable reputation of Eberspacher manufacturer, as one of the recognized leaders of the world market by heating solutions
Airtronic D2 Heater warranty

The characteristics of Hydronic 5

VoltageV24 V
Heating LevelHighLow
Heating CapacityW50001500
Heating CapacityBTU170705120
Water ThroughputL-hr800 ± 100 at 0.1 barr
Power RequirementsW3510
Fuel ConsumptionL-hr0.60.2
Dimension (L x W x H)mmWS(220 x 86 x 101.5) - WSC(220 x 90 x 160)
WeightkgWS(2.3) - WSC(2.7)
There are two models of this heater:

Eberspacher Hydronic 5WS


hydronic 4ws dimensions

Hydronic D5WS has  liquid pump and the fuel pump are separated in space and can be mounted in different locations in the car. Nozzles of coolant are withdrawn upstairs and can be rotated in any direction. Such a heater's design complicates a little installation process, but it allows to put the heater in almost any car, even with the smallest area of engine compartment.

Hydronic 5WS is the smallest heater in the world,in its class.
ebespacher hydronic 4 mounting kit

Mounting kit of Eberspacher Hydronic D5WS heater includes all nessesary items for installation to almost every vehicle: Caravan, Boat, Motorhome, Truck, RV and ets.

Eberspacher Hydronic D5WS water heater comes in as follows:

  • Water heater Eberspacher Hydronic 5 with water and fuel pumps
  • Rubber hose for coolant or water - 2,2 meters
  • Mounting bracket for heater
  • Muffler for air intake pipe
  • Air intake pipe - 1 meter
  • Exhaust Muffler
  • Stailess exhaust pipe - 1 meter
  • Fuel pick-up tube - 0.3 meter
  • Fuel hose - 5 meters
  • Wiring loom with fuses - 5 meters
  • Bags of clamp, clips, screws, brackets, etc
ebespacher hydronic 4 mounting kit
This heater is a classic time-tested product. It is valued for its reliability.

All orders are sent well packed, protected for safe transportation. Each parcel has its own tracking number and may be tracked any time during the shipping.

The time of delivery

Europe14-18 Days
United Kingdom
North America
South America*20-28 Days
New Zealand*

* Delivery costs to marked countries may be different from listed. Please contact us to clarify final cost

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Eberspasher Hydronic D5WS 24v with mounting kit

Eberspasher Hydronic D5WS 24v with mounting kit

Powerful engine preheater Eberspacher (Germany). Designed for heating before starting the engine with working volume from 2 to 4 liters. Mainly used on SUVs, vans, trucks.


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