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It's not only us who don't have them, but,practically, no one globally has, as due to global crisis with semiconductors the manufacturer experiences deficit of electronic components and can't produce heaters of same quantities as before. Representatives of the manufacturer assure that problems with production will be solved within a few months, but now it's required to wait.

We ship heaters to the customers who placed pre-orders in the first turn. Deliveries are fulfilled in the order of sequence of order's placement. In the midst of deficit, the manufacturer and many sellers started to increase prices and limit sales. We decided not to increase prices yet, but to open pre-ordering and keep our offers' prices. As soon as situation with supplies will come back to normal, prices will be corrected towards increase.

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Webasto Air Top 2000 STC 12v Petrol

New product

Air Top 2000 ST - Autonomous air heater of interior, suitable for use in vans, truck cabs with sleeping place, for special equipment, for campers and small boats. Power up to 2kW allows heat the area up to 12m3.

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  • Webasto rheostat
  • Webasto MultiControl HD
  • Webasto MultiControl HD + rheostat

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Data sheet

ManufacturerWebasto (Germany)
Capacity, Watt (max - min)2.000 - 0.900
The consumption of, Watt (max - min)29 - 14
Fuel rate, L|h (max - min)0,27-0,12
Fuel typePetrol | Benzin | Gasoline
Voltage12 V
Weight, kg2,6
Dimensions, mm311 x 120 x 121
Type of heaterMarine

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heaters for you

Petrol Air Heater Webasto Air Top 2000 STC 12V with mounting kit & rheostat controller

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC petrol air heater is a compact and economical heater for your motorhome or caravan. No other air heater react so fast and sensible to temperatur differnces and act concerning to this. The smallest air heater on the market. AirTop 2000 offers optimised fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards. This heater heats the air in the interior or cargo space quickly and quietly and keeps it constant at the chosen working temperature. Users can choose between recir-culation and fresh-air modes. It‘s easy to service and repair design and low fuel consumption make the Air Top 2000 STC economical to maintain. It comes complete with everything you will need for installation.

Webasto Air Top 2000 stc
Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater features:
  • 2 kW heating capacity.
  • Heats up quickly, more even and quiet heating procedure by use of fuel pump DP 42.
  • Sturdy heater with compact dimensions and low fuel consumption.
  • Easy to service and maintain, diagnostic capability.
  • Suitable for use in vehicles for transporting hazardous materials (ADR).
  • Full W-bus compatibility of the heater.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Use of Unibox no longer necessary.
  • Fan function possible for air circulation.
  • Diagnostic system for easy fault finding.

dPowerfull Heater AirTop 2000

max.2000 Watt = 6830 BTU
min. 900 Watt =3070 BTU

Webasto Air Top 2000
High quality of the Heater is guaranteed by the impeccable reputation of the Webasto manufacturer, the recognized LIDER of the world market by heating solutions
Webasto Air top 2000 Heater warranty

The characteristics of the AirTop 2000

VoltageV12 V
Heating LevelPowerLow
Heating CapacityW2000900
Heating CapacityBTU68303070
Air Throughputm3 per Hr9336
Power RequirementsW2914
Fuel ConsumptionL per Hr0.270.12
Dimension (L x W x H)mm (inch)311 x 120 x 121 (12.2 х 4.8 х 4.8)
Webasto Air Top 2000 STC dimencionsWebasto Air Top 2000 STC dimencions
  1. Hot air inlet
  2. Hot air outlet
  3. Combustion air intake
  4. Exhaust fume outlet
  5. Fuel intake
  6. Space requirement for hot air inlet
  7. Space requirement for removing the heater
  8. Cable outlet (either right or left)
Characteristics and dimensions of the Air Top 2000stc are comparable to Eberspacher Airtronic D2 and Planar 2D, also suitable for regular seats to replace the heater.
Webasto Air Top 2000 stc mounting kit

Mounting kit of Webasto Air Top 2000 STC heater includes all nessesary items for installation to almost every vehicle: Caravan, Boat, Motorhome, Truck, RV and ets.

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC petrol heater comes in as follows:

  • Fuel pump DP42 
  • Vent and Base seal 
  • Flexible aluminum combustion air pipe Di 24.5 / L 500
  • Heater cable harness 
  • Fuel pump cable harness 
  • Fuel hose Da 5 / Di 2 / L 8000
  • Fuel extractor 
  • Flexible stainless steel exhaust pipe D 24 / L 1100
  • Bag of installation small parts
  • Installation manual
  • Standard Control Element 

By default we complete this kit with
Webasto Air Top controller rheostat
Webasto Temperature Controller Rheostat

Webasto Temperature Rotated Rheostat
Comfortable room temperature control
Suitable for 12v - 24v heaters
Built in operation LED diagnostic fault code indicator

Compatible with any Webasto Air Heaters

You can order a digital controller
Webasto MultiControl HD instead of rheostat
or both controllers for additional payment.

The MultiControl is ideal for all those who wish to have controlled temperatures in their cars at regularly scheduled times.

Operate your Webasto parking heater conveniently and intuitively with the state-of-the art new MultiControl preset timer. The MultiControl sets new standards in terms of its modern design and user-friendliness that allows for fast and intuitive operation. You can program up to three start times per day for your heater. That means more time for breakfast in the morning and a relaxed drive home in the evening!

Product benefits

  • simple on / off functionality
  • feedback function
  • can be operated quickly and intuitively
  • easy installation with no drilling holes
  • with instant-on key: heat at the touch of a button
  • clearly arranged display of all start and stop times programmed and/or activated

webasto multi control hd

All orders are sent well packed, protected for safe transportation. Each parcel has its own tracking number and may be tracked any time during the shipping.

The time of delivery

Europe14-18 Days
United Kingdom
North America
South America*20-28 Days
New Zealand*

* Delivery costs to marked countries may be different from listed. Please contact with us to clarify final cost

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Delayed shipping

update to my previous review -
ordering online was pretty simple however it took about 6 weeks to arrive.
When I questioned the company they said it was held up at customs but USPS had not gotten it yet (customs). Then, once USPS had it- it only took days to get to me.
The install went pretty smooth, there are a few items missing for installation including mounting items, vent hose and a better vent cover.
The upgraded screen control is nice, but seems to give error codes randomly or shut off unexpectedly. We are still investigating this on our end.
Overall, very happy with the heater in our van, but shipping was so delayed that it was very worrisome it was lost for several weeks.



      Was great I got the product quickly in about 4 weeks which was fast based on the world today. I used your support and always got quick response and accurate information. Only thing is I ordered the base plate and it was not in the box or shipped. I installed the unit and it works great. Have recommended you to. All looking for these units

          Webasto Air Top 2000