for areas from 20 to 25 m³ 
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  • Eberspacher Airtronic 5
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    Airtronic 5 is used for heating large volumes of air, such as cargo compartments of wagons, interiors of buses, yachts, boats, etc. They are able to maintain the required temperature of the air during the trip, as well as during the parking of transport, with a minimum expenditure of battery power.

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  • Webasto Air Top Evo 55 with mounting kit & rheostat
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    This model of the air heater is the top model in the range Air Top. Power of Webasto Air Top Evo 55 can reach 5.5 kW in turbo mode, and the hot air flow up to 220 m3 per hour, and this despite the fact that the dimensions of this model are identical Air Top Evo 40. This model of air heater is suitable for heating the cargo compartment of big trucks and...

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Средние воздушные отопители мощностью 5.000 ватт используются для обогрева средних помещений размером от 20 до 25 кубических метров. В основном ставятся в салоны пассажирских автобусов средних размеров, в жилые отсеки вахтовой спецтехники, в крупные грузовые отсеки, в пережвижные мастерские.