Delivery and return.

Every day we send out tens of shipments, a couple of thousands per year. Our products find their owners in the USA, Canada, European countries (including, but not limited to the UK, Norway and Iceland), Argentina, Japan, Australia and New Zealand! Our customers are based all over the places where arrangement of comfortable stay for a person away from home is required. Our shipping geography covers the whole globe:  the Northern and the Southern hemispheres!

There are no borders and unreachable destinations for Heaters4you!

We offer a couple of delivery services to our clients. You can find out more details about delivery time and shipping costs on the checkout page.  Еach shipment gets its unique tracking number when shipped. Therefore, you can follow the delivery of the shipment online and always be aware of the location of the shipment. You will receive a tracking number and a link to the tracking service right after your shipment is sent out.

Order processing time is 1-2 business days. If an order had been placed on Friday, then the next business day of order processing is considered to be Monday of upcoming week. If any of products from your order are out of stock at our warehouse in the moment of ordering, we will notify you about it and will provide an estimated time of order shipping.

Every shipment is packed in a quality and reliable box, ensuring that your order will not be damaged during transportation. In case of an incident and order damage during its transportation, we will exchange the damaged parts or the whole order free of cost. Although up until now there were no such incidents. 

We ship heating units without damage to factory packaging. You can be sure that you will receive a genuine product exactly the way it left the factory where it was manufactured.

The ordered product is being shipped only to the name of the customer and his/her address, indicated as delivery address in customer personal account, at the moment of making a purchase. We are not able to change the name of the recipient and his/her address as per yours or someone else’s request after order processing, therefore we kindly ask to carefully check the information in personal account prior to order processing.  

We are not able to combine a few orders into one, therefore we ask you to buy everything you need at the same time. If you made a couple of separate orders, then delivery costs will be calculated for each shipment. You will also receive a separate tracking number for each order.

Our company established 7-days period of order return. This period begins at the moment when you receive your order and continues for 7 calendar days. During this period you can return a product bought by you regardless of the return reasons. In such instance you would have to pay for product shipping back to our store.

In case if you have received  a product of low-quality, damaged and not subject to a repair, faulty or not in accordance with a description, you have the right to return within indicated period and get the reimbursement of shipping costs. In instances when the order is being returned due to other reasons, the cost of shipping is not being reimbursed. The order is considered to be returned in the moment when the store receives it. The reimbursement of returned order costs will be arranged within 1-2 business days after the store receives the order back.