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  • Applicability: air diesel heater Planar 8DM is designed to heat special trucks, construction equipment and buses Diesel air heater "Planar 8DM-12" with all necessary parts & materials needed to complete an install.  The heater heats cabins and sleeping berths in any sized trucks, small class specialty vehicles, bus- minibus, motorhome cabins, boats...

  • HL 90 is the most powerful model in a line of air heaters Webasto. Heater control can be carried out by a switch button or 3-modes timer with programmable start time and duration of the work.Field of application heaters Webasto HL 90:Buses' interiors Isothermal vans Special Equipment Campers Ships

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
for areas more than 25 m³

Самые большие воздушные отопители мощностью 8.000 ватт используются для обогрева крупных помещений размером более 25 кубических метров. В основном ставятся в салоны пассажирских рейсовых автобусов, в большие грузовые отсеки, корабли.