International bulk supplies

Heaters4you was created in 2006 as a supplier of heating equipment inside Russia, where we have huge territories with rigid climate.

Starting from 2014 we received more and more requests from overseas – countries with cold climate. It was the reason for organizing our export sales department. Since 2014 we optimized our shipping methods, customs procedures and packaging, so that our customers receive their orders on time and safely. All the shipments are covered by international insurance.

By this day we have a customers in northern territories of USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Chili, Argentina, New Zeeland, Australia and others.

Our main product is autonomic air-heating equipment. 12 years of business, own experience and customers’ feedback helped us to make the best selection of air-heating equipment and today our bestsellers are represented by 3 main brands.

  1. Webasto, Germany - well-known all around the world, number one in air-heating industry.
  2. Espar/Eberspacher, Germany - if you plan to use your heater in the temperatures -42oC this is your choice – approved by our customers from Polar territories of Russia
  3. Planar, Russia – number one at Russian market, designed in Russia, it is very reliable and simple, our customers from other countries purchase it more and more instead of expensive Webasto. Simple in using and service – you can easily fix it yourself.

Advantages of purchasing from us

  1. Our prices are about 15 % lower then the average market price.
  2. We have a big stock and can ship out your order right after you payment
  3. We provide full customs service (export documents, shipping method, order insurance) – all you need is to wait for delivery to your address.
  4. We sign an international trade contract with you, which identifies all risks and make your payment totally secured.
  5. We organize shipping depending on your needs – if your order is urgent, we send goods by air, if you want to deduct transportation costs, it well be sea and truck delivery.

Contact with us

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