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International store of heating equipment

“Heaters 4 you” was established in 2006 as an assembling and servicing company for autonomous heaters in one of the most rigorous climatic zones of the world. Our customers include professional lorry drivers, yachtsmen, fans of winter extreme leisure and camping, hunters and fishermen. They value us for our understanding of being accountable for what we do.

We are offering only solutions that have been tested by time and winter. There are no little things in the field of autonomous heating. In areas where there is snow and cold spread for hundreds of kilometers, the cost of broken heating unit could be someone’s life! We always remember it and therefore we are never wrong!

In 2014 we realized that we can offer to entire world our unique experience and perspective on arrangement of autonomous heating for equipment and human living space in harsh conditions of winter! We understood that our knowledge will help humanity and will make this world more comfortable and safer for all! Since then we are constantly growing and enhancing our offer on a global market.

At first we have got customers in all parts of the world and then our customers have become our friends. This online shop has become an extension of our movement towards the globe, and the fact that you are reading this message is a confirmation that you are on the right path!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Best regards Andrei Kovin
CEO Heaters4you.com