Planar 2D 12v diesel

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New Air heater Planar 2D, has compact size and impressive power. Ideal solution to heat small areas as a night heater, parkin heater or bunk heater.

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ManufacturerAutoTerm (Russia)
Capacity, Watt (max - min)1.800-0.800
The consumption of, Watt (max - min)29-10
Fuel rate, L|h (max - min)0,24-0,1
Fuel typeDiesel
Voltage12 V
Weight, kg5
Dimensions, mm376 х 140 х 150

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Diesel Air Heater Planar 2D 12v

The Planar 2D diesel air heater is a compact and economical heater for your motorhome or caravan. No other air heater react so fast and sensible to temperatur differnces and act concerning to this. The smallest air heater on the market. The Planar 2D offers optimised fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards. It comes complete with everything you will need for installation.

Planar 2D diesel heater
Planar 2D Heater features:
  • Programmable independent heating (does not use heat from the engine).
  • For all types of road.
  • Certified for installation in passenger areas and in proximity to dangerous substances.
  • Factory assembled components for easy "Plug and Play" installation.
  • Electronic speed control with continuous monitoring.
  • Low noise ideal for your motorhome or caravan.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Continious monitoring.
  • Fan function possible for air circulation.
  • Diagnostic system for easy fault finding.

dSmall & Powerfull Diesel Air Heater Planar 2D

max.2000 Watt = 6830 BTU
min. 800 Watt = 2730 BTU

Planar 2D Heater
High quality of the Heater is guaranteed by the impeccable reputation of Teplostar manufacturer - the third biggest leader in the worldwide market of heating solutions
Planar 2D Heater warranty

The characteristics of the Planar 2D

VoltageV12 V
Heating LevelMaximalMinimal
Heating CapacityW2000800
Heating CapacityBTU68302730
Air Throughputm3h7534
Power RequirementsW2910
Fuel Consumptionlhr0.240.1
Dimension (L x W x H)mm (inch)325 x 119 x 145 (12.8 x 4,7 x 5.7)

Planar 2D dimensionsPlanar 2D dimensionsPlanar 2D dimensions

Characteristics and dimensions of the Planar 2D are comparable to Webasto Air Top 2000st and Eberspacher (Espar) Airtronic D2, also suitable for regular seats to replace the heater, if costly repairs.
Airtronic D2 mounting kit & wirring

Mounting kit of Planar 2D heater includes all nessesary items for installation to almost every vehicle: Caravan, Boat, Motorhome, Truck, RV and ets.

Planar 2D diesel heater comes in as follows:

  • 6.5 m - Power cable with fuses
  • 5.0 m - Fuel pump wirring
  • 1.0 m - Stainless exhaust pipe
  • 1.6 m - Controller wirring
  • 5.5 m - Plastic fuel line
  • 0.6 m - Plastic air intake pipe with silencer
  • 0,5 m - Fuel standpipe
  • Digital controller with bracket
  • Fuel pump with rubber ring-holder
  • Set of fasteners and brackets

Cables and fuel leingths allow to maintain the equipment in many various ways

The Planar 2D Digital Controller

Controller Planar 2D 44Dtemperature sensors Planar 2D 44D

Planar 2D heater has 3 modes of heating

M1 - Heat Control Mode 

  • designed to heat an interior space as quickly as possible;
  • has 8 steps of the operation mode;
  • the heater is constantly working at the set heat level.

M2 - Ventilation mode

  • designed to maintain a preset temperature in a range space;
  • stops heating of the range after reaching the preset temperature, then begins air ventilation;
  • controls the area temperature; when the temperature is lowered below the preset level, the heater starts running in heating mode.

M3 - Temperature Control Mode

  • designed to heat an interior space to a preset temperature;
  • decreases heating output when the difference between the preset and actual temperatures is reduced.

B1 - temperature setting window

Allows to set and indicate the temperature, power of the heating or error codes

By using Planar 2D heater you can control temperature in 3 separate areas and switch between them by one click on controller`s button.

S1* - remote temperature sensor, has 5 meters of cable and can be installed anywhere within sufficient distance from heater. Usually used as a sensor in living or sleeping areas.

S2 - temperature sensor is situated in the controller and allows to control temperature in driver's cab/compartment. 

S3 - temperature sensor is installed into the heater from air input side. Allows to control temperature in compartment with installed heater.

Such arrangement of the temperature sensors allows you to install a variety of ventilation and heating option for the boat or trailer. You can connect 3 separate areas by system of vent pipes and fittings and heat them together or separately.

*S1 - remote sensor is not included into standart mounting kit. Please contact us to order.

All orders are sent well packed, protected for safe transportation. Each parcel has its own tracking number and may be tracked any time during the shipping.

Europe14-18 Days
United Kingdom
North America
South America*20-28 Days
New Zealand*

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Planar 2D 12v diesel

Planar 2D 12v diesel

New Air heater Planar 2D, has compact size and impressive power. Ideal solution to heat small areas as a night heater, parkin heater or bunk heater.

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