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Heat Exchanger for Webasto Air Top 2000/S - 67062B

New product

Webasto Heat Exchanger,

  • Genuine Webasto product,
  • Webasto Air Top 2000 and Air Top 2000S heater.
  • Service replacement gaskets also available,
  • Technical Support available.
  • with overheating sensor,
  • with fasteners.

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ManufacturerWebasto (Germany)

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Heat exchanger

In the heat exchanger, the heat produced during the combustion of the fuel is transferred to the air flow supplied by the supercharger.

Replacing the heat exchanger.


1. Remove the heater.

2. Disassemble the housing.

3. Remove the control unit.

4. Remove the overheating sensor.

5. Remove the supercharger.

6. Remove the flame sensor on the gasoline version.

7. Remove the glow plug.

ATTENTION! When carrying out the following work, make sure that the fuel tube is not deformed.

8. Remove the plate.

9. Pull the heat pipe and seal out of the heat exchanger. Seal must be replaced.

10. Work on the removed components.


1. Install a new seal in the heat exchanger and bring the heat pipe to the installation position.

2. Install the filament pin.

3. Flame sensor (petrol version only).

ATTENTION! In the following work, pay attention to the integrity of the fuel tube.

4. Install the burner in the heat exchanger. The flame sensor cable should run under the fuel pipe.

5. Fasten the burner and clamping plate with screws.

6. Tighten the screws to 6 ± 0.6 nM.

7. Install the supercharger.

8. Install the control unit.

9. Install overheating sensor.

10. Install insulating spacers.

11. Assemble the hull.

12. Install the heater.

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